Achieving Success the Islamic Way

By the time, Verily is Man,Is in a Loss, Except such as those who have Faith, And do righteous deeds, And (join together) In the mutual enjoining. Of Truth, and of Patience and Constancy.

Al’Asr .Surah 103   of the  Quran  or Time through the  Ages. . An early Meccan surah.  passages on a tribute to the value of Time  for  all mankind to  ponder and act especially to Muslims who use to  idle precious time away. Time waits  for no man. Indeed lost time will never be found again. As day by day we are are getting nearer to death it important for us to make each day precious. Most people who are successful in life makes the best use of time. Time is the most precious thing compared to all other things  in life. Be wise as all of us are given and allotted  twenty four hours a day by Allah so there is no excuse to waste time. Just as we choose to spend our money we must learn to spend our time wisely.Once it is gone it will be gone definitely. One of the best ways  of getting the most of our time is to plan for tomorrow, today.

In one of his Hadiths the Prophet  Muhammad peace be upon  him said ,” There are two of Allah’s favors that are mostly forgotten  by many of us which is   health and  free time.” The message here is not to idle  freely  or waste time nor  to  be lazy and indolent. Muslims who are wise are those who are organized and hard working.

A true Muslim who wants to achieve success must abide by the teachings of the Quran   as well as follow the teachings of the Hadith. Otherwise it is sinful on his part if he achieves success  by dubious means. There are many Muslims who cheat others, are corrupt,  they gain favors  through political connections , usurp the property of orphans  and  does  sinful acts just to  be successful in the eyes of people. They  habitually  hoodwink and deceive  others simply to get money for themselves. They will  certainly pay for their sins and will not go  unpunished  by the  Creator.

This is simply due to the fact that many Muslims today  fail to abide what is incumbent upon them in this transitory life of ours. That is  adhering to the five pillars of Islam. Firstly the Shahada (Profession of Faith)  to constantly recite it  during our prayers,  secondly  Salah (Prayers)  thirdly Zakat (giving of Alms) fourthly Saum (Fasting )  and lastly the Haj ( pilgrimage to Mecca if one  can afford materially as well as physically)

How do we go about achieving success the Islamic way which is   permitted  by  Islam ? True Muslims must realize that there is no shortcut to achieve success in life. What is meant by success  is not material possessions only but the successful person  must  possess  moral and ethical  values as well.We have seen of many examples of Muslims in our midst who acquired wealth by being rogues but they do not command respect from respectable Muslims  or from any society that values morals and ethics.

Go ahead! Pursue a dream of wanting to be successful. Work hard, work smart and continue to be firm and focus on what is to be achieved. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.

Nothing is more common to me than seeing many unsuccessful men with talent.They are not persistent in what they do,

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